Amber Nicole Bettis

Amber Nicole Bettis

I'm a music journalist.

Alternative music (indie, pop punk, etc.), unsigned bands.

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Album Review: Taking Back Sunday - 'Tidal Wave' - New Noise Magazine

Review of Taking Back Sunday's Tidal Wave

Album Review: Beta - 'For What It's Worthless' - New Noise Magazine

Review of Beta's For What It's Worthless

Album Review: Robbers - 'Embracing the Phantoms'

Review of Robbers' Embracing the Phantoms

U&U Interview:: Laurier.

Interview with Laurier.

Album Review: Chase Huglin - 'You Deserve An Island'

Review of Chase Huglin's You Deserve An Island

Album Review: Stayce - 'Huck Dunter' EP - New Noise Magazine

Review of Stayce's Huck Dunter

U&U EXCLUSIVE:: Phantom Party- The ...

Exclusive album stream and interview with Phantom Party

U&U Review:: Past Life- EP I

Review of Past Life's EP I.

U&U Review:: Plastic Animals- Pictures ...

Review of Plastic Animals' Pictures From the Blackout.

U&U Interview:: Andrew Accardi

Interview with Andrew Accardi (Cosmic Harvey & Celestial Mind, Robbers, Shone)

U&U Review:: Mint State- End of an Error EP

Review of Mint State's End of An Error EP

U&U Single Review:: beta- “Wither Away”

Review of beta's single "Wither Away".

U&U Review:: Nightmare Police- If Only I Could...

Review of Nightmare Police's If Only I Could...

Who You Need To Be Listening To:: Troubled Minds

Feature on Troubled Minds

Who You Need To Be Listening To:: Idle Pilot

Feature on Idle Pilot.